Detroit Public School BOard



  • Accountability, Governance and Full Transparency;

  • Support for Local Control with a commitment to Financial Responsibility;

  • Welcoming, Safe and Inclusive School Environments for Students;

  • Student Academic Achievement and Sound Policies for Youth;

Brandon Brice is an experienced education reform advocate and non-profit executive who brings classroom and managerial consulting experience. 

As a former education policy analyst, Brandon knows the importance of quality instruction. He believes students should have the tools for learning and personal development, while teachers should be equipped with the resources to be successful.

Brandon continues to use his knowledge as a non-profit executive to expand charitable and strategic partnerships to benefit urban school districts throughout the nation. 

Residents know that Brandon works hard for communities, neighborhoods and urban school districts.

Brandon understands local tax payers want accountability for their School dollars. He believes it's important to provide efficient and transparent use of allocated funds and governance.

Brandon Brice 

Putting Kids first

It Takes a Village.....


As quality education advocates, we play a big part in how well your public education dollars are spent, and the everyday decisions made that effect your son or daughter.


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I invite you to support our youth by helping Students and Schools get the care they deserve.